HTC Vive Multi-actor Environment

The VirtuTrace team at the Virtual Reality Application Center at ISU is interested in developing a platform for facilitating multiactor virtual reality environments with HTC Vive Head Mounted Displays (HMDs). The purpose of the project is to create capabilities that will allow for multiple astronauts, soldiers, firefighters, and law enforcement personnel to interact in a VRE simultaneously. The platform will also provide tools where the actors can engage in group decision making and exchange information in the VR scene.


The main goal is to have multiple people interacting in a single VRE at the same time.

Other goals include:

  • Representation of people in the VRE to others
  • Communication in a selective manner between two individuals
  • Various types of locomotion within the VRE
  • Two different types of decision matrices: full release and diffusive
  • Grecording of decision matrices interactions
  • Recording feedback from the people in the VRE about the scene they just interacted with
  • The ability to playback the entire simulation with the ability to go to certain spots and speed up and slow down time